Free rides, digital touch ‘Trin-Trin’ed to woo back riders

With plans to introduce dockless Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) environment using Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled mobile app, the district administration has reintroduced unlimited free rides up to 30 minutes from February 1.

Disclosing the details, Deputy Commisioner D Randeep said, “With nearly 50 percent reduction in the use of Trin Trin bicycles here, the district administration has revised the user fee with unlimited free rides upto 30 minutes from February 1 to encourage people to use the PBS system”

The users were allowed unlimited free rides of up to one hour as an introductory offer after the PBS system was launched in June last year. The ridership of Trin Trin, which had crossed 1,000 per day, came down to around 500 per day, after the authorities began collecting user fee from the members after the first free ride of the day from December 1, 2017….Read More


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