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Know Mysuru

Mysuru City, historically and until recently known the world over as “Mysore City”, is a place with a mystique that transcends time and understanding. The city inspires its natives to exult “Mysore, My Soul”, and casts a spell of geniality and grace on its visitors, which makes them wish to return to it over and over again. The city’s origin is veiled in a web of anecdotes and allegories woven around its loftiest landmark, the Chamundi Hill. As the city transitioned from misty myths to hard history, the Wadiyar dynasty took possession of it and eventually transformed it into the present-day “Majestic Mysuru.” The greatest monument bequeathed by the Wadiyar kings is, unmistakably, Mysuru itself, which had emerged as a magnificent model of development in India, before the country’s Independence in 1947.
Speaking of landmarks and monuments, Royal Mysuru “explodes” with treasurable pieces of heritage-architecture and hallowed sculpture, every step of the way. Towering among them is, sure enough, The Mysore Palace, which is among the defining icons of ‘incomparable India’ and a top “tourist footfall venue”. The Mysore Zoo is no less striking as a spotlight on international tourist roadmaps. In the sphere of culture, Mysuru presents the far-fabled Mysuru Dasara festival, with its finale Jamboo Savari, a pageant without a parallel.
Mysuru is renowned for its parks & gardens, lakes & fountains, boulevards & promenades, as well as for its museums & galleries and stadiums & auditoriums. Mysuru is an eminent seat of learning, embodied illustriously by the 100-year-old University of Mysore. Mysuru is also an acclaimed abode of music & poetry, dance & drama, art & craft, and several of its art-forms hold a classic Mysuru signature. In recent times, Mysuru has emerged as a prime draw for overseas tourists interested in yoga training and Ayurveda treatment.
Mysuru Silk, Mysuru Sandalwood, Mysuru Agarbathi (fragrance sticks), Mysuru Paintings, Mysuru Rosewood Inlays, Mysuru Peta (turban), Mysuru Tonga (a variety of horse-drawn coach) , Mysuru Pak (a sweet delicacy), Mysuru Villedele (betel leaf), Mysuru Mallige (jasmine) … and a wide, scarcely rivalled variety of exquisite produce and products serve as celebrated ambassadors of “Brand Mysuru”!
Indeed, the mystique of Mysuru permeates a whole geographical expanse abutting its periphery and abounding in tourist sites (some well-known but several exotic), and a jaunt along the “Greater Mysuru Circuit” would certainly challenge tourists’ received perceptions of ecological, adventure, cultural and heritage tourism and let them savour the full flavour of vintage Mysuru, with a mind-staggering multisensory feast.
As to biking enthusiasts, well, this setting affords them a sterling opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable Tour de Mysuru!

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