Keep them locked, but not “blocked”


TrinTrin facility can be accessed through a “4-R” procedure:
Register -> Release-> Ride -> Return


  • Register Online   OR   Download TrinTrin smartphone app  OR  Register at any TrinTrin registration centers.
  • After registration is completed, members will be issued a TrinTrin smartcard


  • Place the TrinTrin smartcard on the reader next to the required bicycle.
  • Observe that all LED lights blink.
  • The Bicycle is now unlocked and released for use.


  • Ride alertly and responsibly.
  • Follow traffic rules and ensure safety.


  • Slide the bicycle-clip firmly into an empty dock and make sure that bicycle is properly locked by gently pulling on the bicycle.
  • Wait for “Transaction Completed” light to blink.
  • Observe that “Ready” LED light is turned on, Bicycle return process is now complete
  • Tap your smart card at the Kiosk to update your card.

Ride & Return, Point to Point

In order to ensure that TrinTrin bikes are always in active service and do not stay idle with the renters during their non-riding hours, users are advised to return their bikes immediately as they reach a hub closest to their destination and, if required, rent another bike for further transits. They can undertake this kind of point-to-point, ‘break-and-resume’ rides any number of times and thus free up their bicycles for people in the wait line.

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